Karina Carrington MRSS

Portfolio: Installations


Site specific art installation for Outside 16: A Sense of Place at Cuckoo Farm Studios.

Inner spaces, created by found objects around Cuckoo Farm, become a metaphor for the mind and all that it contains, that remains unseen.

The little wood at Cuckoo Farm brings to mind childhood memories of dens, camps and hideaways, the places that became the setting for stories of invented worlds of make-believe. It becomes another world, a secret place of imagination and memory.

I seek to evoke in the viewer a sense of childhood delight, curiosity and an intrepid exploration of imaginary worlds.

Jesmonite, plaster

Awakening in our Shadows

This installation is the culmination of a residency in the Benham Gallery, Colchester. The work was created after excavation of part of the grounds of Cuckoo Farm Studios.

The objects have been “archived” into different categories, not necessarily in terms of their original purpose, but by studying their aesthetic qualities. Many of the relics are remnants from the studios of past tenants and some are the collateral of different phases in the life of Cuckoo Farm.

My aim is create one unified whole from many fragments and to breathe new life into discarded remnants from the past. These lost relics have now been liberated to the present.

Ceramic, metal, glass, plastic, fibreglass, building materials
200cm diameter

Found Objects

Marriage Quilt 9/9

"Marriage Quilt 9/9"
137 x 190 cm
discarded materials

Discarded Materials