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Karina Carrington MRBSKarina Carrington MRBS



Mind and body have a symbiotic relationship, but while the body has its own physical boundaries, the mind cannot be measured. The depiction of this intangible space has become the essence of my work.


The mind can take us to secret spaces of imagination and memory. These are the spaces we first go to in our childhoods, creating our own invented worlds of make-believe, secret places and hideaways.  I want to recreate the same sense of wonderment and awe that I had as a child when I explored small spaces, a sense of creating my own world of imagining. Rather than recreating specific spaces, I aim to evoke those feelings of childhood excitement, amazement and an intrepid exploration of imaginary worlds.


Using traditional casting and mould making techniques, I aim to make tangible the concept of the world on the inside. These mysterious inside spaces have become a metaphor for the mind and the space that it contains, but that we are unable to see.




2013Elected Member, Royal Society of Sculptors
2013MA Sculptural Practice, University of Essex
2006BA (Hons) Fine Art, First Class, Anglia Ruskin University



Karina Carrington MRSS originally studied Art Textiles and lectured in Further and Adult Education.  As a textile artist she exhibited around the UK, taught freelance workshops for both adults and children, and delivered lectures about her work.


In 2003 she returned to full-time education, gaining a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art. Subsequently, she co-ran a home interior business and taught art at a secondary school. She has since returned to developing her own art practice. 


Karina has exhibited around the UK and has work in both private and public collections. She has a Masters Degree in Sculptural Practice from University of Essex and is an elected Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.


Exhibition History

Sept 2016Residency culminating in an exhibition in The Benham Gallery, Colchester
Aug/Sept 2016Outside 16: A Sense of Place, Cuckoo Farm Studios
Oct/Nov 2015Firstsite Open Exhibition, Colchester
June 2015Melting Point, The Benham Gallery, Colchester
Nov 2014 - Jan 2015Beyond White Walls, KI Europe, London
Aug 2014Taster, The Minories Galleries
Sept 2013Outside 13: Oasis, Cuckoo Farm Studios
Aug 2013After Dark, Cuckoo Farm Studios
Aug 2013MA Show, Minories Gallery, Colchester
July 2013Afterall, The Benham Gallery, Colchester
2012Outside '12: Un Lieu de Memoire, Cuckoo Farm Studios
2007New Perspectives in Drawing, Hay Gallery, Colchester
2006Fuse, Dray Walk Gallery, London
2006BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree Show, Colchester
2005Women’s Work, West End Centre, Aldershot
2005Convent of the Holy Sepulchre, New Hall, Chelmsford